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What if I said to you that you can build your own website online, would that interest you?

Imagine all the possibilities you could do with your own website?

Including many different ways of  making money which I will get to soon, so keep reading and all will be revealed.

Building your website does not have to be all about making money.

You could use it to share your photos, knowledge and experience, show people your videos, even use it as a forum to talk to others, use it to advertise another business you already have..

What if I said you could build the shell of the entire website, not the content, but the whole framework in less than a few minutes. Would you believe it if I say you can do this?

Well get yourself ready for this free opportunity that will allow you to do just that and a whole lot more




This is where you will find an exclusive training community of like minded business people who own and use the free site rubix wordpress builder. A mastermind group you could call them.

This group of people is unbeatable for anyone who is looking to learn and correctly build a website for their own personal use or for monetary gains

You will find that everything within this community is made easy for you so that it does not matter if you are a complete beginner or a master tech guru.

The ages of people using the website builder range from teenagers to the over 70’s. This is a completely true statement, both are striving for success the teenager earns over $1000 a month writing about the latest xbox games. The simple technique they use to make money is described below and the over 70 uses their website to posts picture and describes how growing old does not mean you are over the hill, just how you can grow old gracefully.

How cool would it be to be earning over $1000 a month  just by writing about something you have an interest in?  Do you think people in your close circle might be a bit curious about how to do this?



Think about how much you could accomplish with some basic knowledge a website and the correct training that you have build from scratch. The sky is the limit. With more knowledge you might even think about building websites for others.

 Is this another get rich quick scheme?

Within the online world a thriving community, a mastermind group if you like, are all working together training earning and learning, providing support for one another to make the online business world a massive success.

Do you fancy joining them?

This community online can help you do just that plus give you all the training you need to make your journey into the online business world a success.

The best thing is you get the first 10 lessons and two websites totally free. Where else would you find all of this for free? The name of the place is Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t let the name misguide you because it sounds like a get rich quick scheme, because thankfully as I have found WA is most certainly not. The truth is if you are wanting to learn and build a website with intentions of making enough money to live on and have continued success then you better be prepared to get your head down and work your socks off.

Before I go on anymore watch this 5 minute youtube video created by a Wealth Affiliate member who shows you how to build a WordPress website using the site rubix website builder. Prepare to be amazed by the speed and ease with which you can have your own website


Wow! How quick and amazing was that?

How easy and fast was that to build the whole framework and get all the website hosting set up? Yes it only took 5 minutes for everything to be done in that video. So simple right?

That’s how easy is is to get up and running as a member of the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

Build your website here for yourself or for other people.

It really is that easy for you. Besides that there is hundreds of published tutorials and more advanced training that members within the community, are able to access and use at their own pace. This is a learning community online with like minded business people who are always building, earning, learning and sharing their knowledge therefore everyone can have a shot at success.


Own a piece of online real estate, a website…make yourself rich!

Like I mentioned earlier if your intention is to make money with your website then the numbers of ways you can do this are endless, far too many to list them all here. These are just a few that can be done and are being used by members here at WA

  • Offer keyword research and search engine optimizer( seo) techniques for other website owners, this is taught to all WA members
  • Sell advertising space and write reviews for other companies
  • Promote within affiliate marketing using Amazon apple, ebay and many other familiar big names by writing about products that these companies sell
  • Build websites for other people. As a premium member at WA you can build up to 25 websites for the same price as 1
  • All Wealthy Affiliate members are taught by WA how to write content that gets the highest rankings in google so you can offer services for others offering to write for them

You will be surprised and amazed how simple it is to to do all these things and apply them to your website. It all starts with building your website then thanks to the easy to follow and simple training, as well the most helpful community within wealthy affiliate. You can choose how to make a living online. I do many of these things myself and it’s all thanks to this place called Wealth affiliate. You can too!

Here is wealthy affiliate lesson number two

As a free starter you get 10 free lessons and here I am going to give you free access to one of the ten lessons. All lessons are video and text tutorials. This will show you what all the training is like and you never know  you may even learn something new. Go ahead and read through the training then watch the video. Click the LINK below  to begin.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 1 : Lesson 2 of 10  – Understanding How to Make Money Online


Are you excited and motivated by that?

You may find many different reasons for you to build a website but the most important thing you will gain is an online education that is second to none. Once you empower yourself with being able to learn keyword research, basic seo and content creation, the knowledge you will gain will benefit for life even if you quit WA but once you start you will find you will not want to quit. I didn’t because there is so much to learn and investing in yourself through education is vital in whatever you do in life. The more you learn the more chance you have of success in the future. Within the first month of joining as a free starter I became a paid premier member

This was the best decision I ever made as I have learn more than I ever thought possible and this has allow me to help many people with there websites or there SEO content writing.

Within 6 months of starting as a paid member I soon realised that the cost is so low compared to supreme knowledge I gained to make money working online.

How would you like to build your free wordpress website now?

Use the Site Rubix widget below to see if a website name is available for you to build your website at wealthy affiliate.

You watched the youtube video earlier in this article right? Use the information described in the video to do this below.

Take a moment to think what your website name would be. If it was about fitness & being healthy try something like (healthyliving) then just type it in. See if it is available. Why not create a free WA account and start learning how to build your new website and get your online education underway.

Build a website here.

Just enter your website name below and get going. Try it now!

Build a website here

The definition of Opportunity – a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

This could be your time and set of circumstances! The opportunity is waiting for you to take action on.

I look forward to welcoming you to the  WA online family soon . I took a chance to make my dreams come true….SO CAN YOU. Good Luck.


Look at this page here asking the  Affiliate community what they like about WA and why they would recommend it to others

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